Sustain Wooden Cutlery Range

Sustain Wooden Cutlery Range

Sustain Wooden Cutlery Range

Make the Sustainable choice

in your foodservice and retail needs

Our Sustain Range is completely renewable! It’s made completely from renewable resources – plants, not oil-based plastic. That’s a huge win for the planet. It is also 100% commercially compostable.

Plastic utensils, such as the flimsy spoons, forks, and knives commonly found in lunch bags, picnic baskets, fast food and takeaway restaurants, and cafeterias, are just another example of our increasingly disposable world.

This year, 40 billion plastic utensils will be manufactured globally. This means a range of poor plastic utensil experiences – spills, breaks, and meltdowns – as well as a mountain of plastic waste.

That’s why we’re introducing our Sustain Wooden Cutlery range! 

Sustain Wooden Cutlery Benefits

Our wooden cutlery is high-quality, durable, and totally sustainable. No plastic here, just sustainably grown wood forks, wood spoons, wood knives, and wood teaspoons!

The trees where our wood comes from are responsibly managed which means they are replaced faster than they are consumed. Sustainable forest wood ensures that the forests from which the paper comes are managed to maintain forest integrity.


Sustain wooden cutlery provides environmental, social, economical, and health benefits for the planet and the things in it.

High-quality & durable

Sustain wooden cutlery is smooth, durable, strong and will impress your staff and customers.

100% Compostable

Sustain wooden cutlery is 100% compostables which means it’s designed to be collected and commercially composted with your food waste.

Sustainable grown forest wood

Sustain wooden cutlery is made from FSC-certified wood material which is kinder to the planet's natural resources

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