Want to improve your sustainability performance and de-risk your business? Are you aware of legislation introducing product restrictions and bans in the next 9 months? We are here to help!


At Bunzl, we are committed to supporting our customers in managing and reducing their environmental impact. With that in mind, we have created a unique Material Footprint Tool which enables us to assess the environmental performance of our catering disposables, allowing us to provide our customers with key information on the sustainability of products. 


The Bunzl Sustainability Audit enables us not only to provide proactive guidance to support your switch to more sustainable alternatives, it also enables us to help you in reducing the total amount of packaging used by your business. 


How can a sustainability audit improve your business?

Recent EU legislation will ban certain SUP (single-use plastics) products and materials in 2021. Coupled with this, using products with a lighter carbon footprint and that contribute to a circular economy is more important than ever before – today’s customers are not only focused on sustainability, they are a proven driver to more sustainable product choices. 

Bunzl’s sustainability audit will de-risk your business and help you to operate more sustainably by; 

  • Classifying your current product list and traffic lighting all catering disposables
  • Highlighting ‘at risk’ SKUs: products at risk of a ban, tax or future restriction
  • Legislation updates: identifying products subject to a ban from 2021
  • Providing expert advice on sustainable alternatives to de-risk your business and drive your sustainability progress
  • Our team are on hand to work with you to recommend appropriate timeframes, ensuring your business stays ahead of changes in legislation
  • Supporting your sustainability targets: whether that’s reducing packaging volumes or eliminating single-use plastics, our unique Material Footprint Toll can identify and track changes to demonstrate your progress
  • Demonstrate your sustainability credetials to your customers

What’s next? 


Booking your personalized Bunzl Sustainability Audit couldn’t be easier!


Simply complete the form, hit send and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange your virtual consultation. 


Begin your journey to sustainable solutions today!





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