Sanity Systems

Portable Ozone Sanitizer

Bunzl Irish Merchants is the exclusive partner for the Irish market to Sanity Systems, manufacturers of the portable ozone sanitizing system.


The sanitizer allows to you quickly and thoroughly sanitize rooms with minimum fuss by using ozone.

Ozone is a natural gas with a very high oxidant power, which leaves no trace or chemical residuals when used. As it cannot be stored it must be generated in the area you want to sanitize.

Simple Process

The process is simple, place the Sanity System in the room you require sanitized or deodorized and leave the room with the door and windows closed for the recommended duration depending on size of room.

After the time has elapsed the room will be fully sanitized and deodorised.

Sanitizing intervals

Environments up to 1000 sq.ft…………… Duration: 37 Min. (short prog.)
Environments up to 2000 sq.ft…………….. Duration: 47 Min. (mid prog.)
Environments up to 4000 sq.ft……………. Duration: 87 Min. (long prog.)

Sanitizes, deodorises, repels pests

Sanitizes air and surfaces against pathogen agents such as bacteria, fungus, molds and pollen, the main causes of allergic reactions. It is also effective against most viruses. The sanitizing also effects the air-conditioning ducts as well as the evaporator where mold grows due to humidity.

Deodorises the interior of any room in a natural way, totally removing unpleasant smells caused by urine, vomit, all bodily fluids, smoking etc. without staining the fabric or interior of the room.

It repels insects (mites, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, cockroaches, moths and other insects).