Sabert moves to 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, clear PET solutions

Sabert continues to build on its commitment to quality, and continuously investing in sustainable innovation to answer the consumer demand for packaging solutions that are safe, made from recycled material and are recyclable. 


Sabert’s clear ‘Chilled Solutions’ are now made from 100% high grade, post-consumer PET bottle flakes. The approach is another milestone for Sabert who continue their journey towards sustainability and commitment to promote a circular economy. 

100% recycled materials in clear PET

Sabert carefully selects high grade post-consumer PET bottle flakes from reliable supply. Sabert uses established cutting-edge technology which guarantees total food safety and high-quality product with excellent transparency



Zero waste – 100% of Sabert’s waste is reused 

100% of Sabert’s intrnal wste during production is reused which totally prevents plastic waste. The rPET can be fully recycled several times and keeps its physical characteristics over time. 


100% recyclable

Plastics have several loves and PET is the most recycled plastic. Recycled plastics are used to manufacture a wide variety of new products. Sabert rPET solutions are 100% recyclable. Sabert encourages all the plastic users to recycle and to help to close the loop toward a circular economy. 

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