reCUP – Recyclable Paper Cups

The reCUP™ paper cup by CupPrint has been certified by the prestigious German Green Dot scheme as AAA. That means reCUP™ cups can be recycled in any paper waste stream and recycled into new paper products. The reCUP™ is the first and only paper cup to be certified at this level.


The reCUP™ uses a different type of paper cup liner called EarthCoating®, which is a mineralised liner containing less plastic.This mineralised liner aims to break down more easily in appropriate recycling channels. reCUP™ recyclable paper cups allow you to show your brand’s commitment to sustainability with a high quality, visually pleasing product that meets the highest standard currently available.


The reCUP is available in a stock design Kraft cup, or we can create bespoke cup for you business in 8oz, 120z,or 16oz reCUP.

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