Make the safer choice

The people have spoken. And they no longer feel safe using air dryers.

In a recent study* 70% of the respondents agree with the statement “I wish more facilities offered paper hand towels as an alternative to air dryers” and as many as 33% “feel unsafe entering a washroom with air dryers”. And the fact is that jet air dryers spread up to 10x more germs in the environment** – this has become a recurring problem facing facility managers all over the world in the wake of the Covid-9 pandemic.


Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. The Tork PeakServe® continuous hand towel system is a hygiene, single user touch system that uses 50% compressed bundles to offer the highest capacity on the market, making sure that hand towels are always available. And now, PeakServe is available in a mini dispenser – the slimmest and smallest high-capacity dispenser on the market, PeakServe® Mini fits everywhere and serves up to 1,230 towels. 

Quick wins

Make your users feel safe. Paper towels are the most hygienic way to dry hands and are therefore recommended in hygiene-critical environments.***


Much faster thank air dryers. When your users can quickly grab a towel and move you, you avoid lines and promote better hand hygiene and social distancing. 


Thanks to the extended family of Tork PeakServe® dispensers, you can serve restrooms with different traffic flows, layouts and sizes with the same refill, making life easier for cleaners. 

Make the safer choice. Make the switch.

To speak to a Bunzl Irish Merchants representative about PeakServe Mini for your facility or to find out more about the Tork range, contact us here. 

*Best et al, J Hosp Infection, 2014 
**Huang, C Mayo Clinic, 2011 


About the survey 
Survey conducted by United Minds in cooperation with CINT April 8–13, 2020. The survey covered four markets: Germany, France, Spain and Sweden. In total, 4035 answered the survey.   

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