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Premium, sustainable, recyclable solution- keeping food hotter for longer.

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Sustainable alternative for traditional EPS packaging

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Keeping food hotter for longer.

Premium sustainable recyclable

Hotpacs® are an impressive range that’s perfect for keeping hot foods hot and ensuring food tastes as it should.
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EPP is a high-quality mono-material, proven to be easily and commercially recyclable through several trials. Can be recycled into a variety of end markets, from packaging to furniture to flooring, providing a second life and beyond for on-the-go packaging. It’s the next generation of EPS, and more.

Life Cycle Benefits

Demonstrated via independent LCA as THE sustainable solution, far outperforming alternative materials with significantly reduced energy and water consumption, and carbon footprint.

Lightweight & Durable

While being one of the most durable materials on the market, EPP is also one of the most lightweight. EPP uses 33% less polymer in comparison to conventional polymers of the same design and size, also helping reduce packaging fees.

Keeps Food Hotte r for Longer

EPP boasts exceptional thermal and insulating protection properties, surpassing alternative materials, making it the ideal choice for hot food without affecting the structure or functionality of the pack.


EPP allows food in-pack to be re-heated, while maintaini ng durability and protection; opening up entirely new opportunit ies for consumers.

Thermal Resistance

EPP’s foam structure helps retain product heat within the package, demonstrating reduced heat transfer making it cooler to touch - providing the best consumer eating on-the-go experience, with premium product quality.

Moisture Resistance

With EPP’s superb moisture resistance and waterproof attributes, it is the perfect safe and hygienic choice for packaging protection of hot or cold food, while maintaining durability of the packaged food.

Resistant to Hot Oil and Acids & Alkalis

EPP is best in class for resistance to hot oils as well as acids and alkalis such as those used in pastas and Asian cuisine, allowing the product to remain hotter for longer, and removing risk of contamination and odour transfer.

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