Jewel Salad Containers

Jewel Salad Range

The new Jewel range of salad containers is exclusive to Bunzl Irish Merchants in the Irish market.

Jewel is available in 3 sizes and uses one lid to fit all sizes of bowl.

Code         Item                  Dimensions                     Case

152154     Jewel 500cc    160 x 160 x 45mm          336

152149     Jewel 750cc    160 x 160 x 65mm          336

152153     Jewel 1000c    160 x 160 x 85mm          336

152148     Jewel lid          163.5 x 163.5 x 17mm    672



The container is specifically designed to deliver on-shelf differentiation, product premiumisation, enhanced appeal and impact.

Packer Benefits

– Heat seal and lid closure options
– De-nesting features for easy separation and operational efficiency
– Designed to promote value for money product perception
– Consumer tested design to deliver premium impact and appeal

Consumer Benefits

– Clip on lid to retain freshness
– Stability, portability and structure designed for “on the go” usage
– Recyclable through standard recycling systems

Sustainability Benefits

– Manufactured with single polymer rPET
– Contains 100% recycled PET
– Fully recyclable*
*Easily sorted and recycled where the right infrastructure is in place