Food Solutions

Food Solutions

We know the right packaging solutions make products move faster and perform better. 

No matter what type of store you manage, Bunzl Irish Merchants can provide solutions that improve your customers’ experience, help your business be more efficient, reduce waste and better your climate footprint by moving to our sustainability range. Experts in food packaging solutions, we are the first to deliver innovative packaging solutions to meet emerging market trends.

Meal containers

Noodle boxes, salad boxes, pulp containers, bagasse meal boxes, microwave containers, salad containers, kraft food boxes and more.

Round containers

Kraft bowls, soup containers, pulp bowls, food pots, PLA portion pots, baggase portion pots, microwave bowls and more.


Panvas bags, sacovitta bags, perforated bread bags, brown bags self-seal cutlery bags and more.

Meat trays

Smoothwall trays, plastic trays, EPP trays, EPS trays and more.


We have a broad range of products in stock with sustainability features to help your business to be more responsible. Whether you are looking for disposables that are widely recyclable, made from recycled materials or certified compostable, we have a broad range of coffee cups, lids, napkins, plates, salad boxes and other disposables to meet your preferred waste stream.

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Bunzl Retail Supplies provides food and retail sustainable packaging, hygiene and cleaning solution that keep over 45,000 businesses in Ireland running smoothly, every day.

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